City life and Village life

 In any developing or the developed countries the indication of development is seen through the development of the city area. City has got more and advanced facilities than the village area. Though village has limited facilities but the atmosphere is open, source to get fresh air is abundant as there are many trees and crop cultivation all around. Talking about city the space is hard to be found around the houses for the air to pass freely. The vegetation is also low in the urban area because of which the fresh air is often lacking, the number of more factories and transportation are leading in the air pollution too.

There is a popular saying that God made the country and man made the town. If a comparison is done the people living in the village live in peace and harmony than the people living in the town. Also people in the village get plenty of healthy fruits and vegetable grown by them in the farm whereas the people in city buy the products which may be contaminated with the chemicals which they may be unaware also. Despite there are few disadvantages in the city life but there are equal or more number of advantages also. Better education, transportation, health, employment, housing and all these aspects are found in the city. Village life has certain boundaries to maintain discipline which sometimes fails to teach lesson to the guilty and criminals whereas law is the prime setup which states the right to punish the criminals in the city.

For any work qualification is seen as the basis which creates a success in the definite work to be carried out in urban life. In rural life the division of labor doesn’t exists, people insufficiently trained may also be found to do the high level tasks. The kind of sexism and discrimination seems to be less in the city area. Both of them have advantages as well as disadvantages.