Music and Human Life

 Music is widely a most integral part of human life. We relate music with different moments of our life and find a connection. It has now become our way of sharing joy, happiness and sorrows. It relaxes and gives peace to the mind. Music helps in connecting with the souls or with real self.

Music is part of everyone’s life from a child to as we grow old. Music is just not about the beautifully sang songs, melodious tones but also the sounds that pleases us like a mother humming to make her baby sleep, birds chirping in the nature, sound of the rivers, whistle of the wind, sounds of leaves, all in their own forms of music.

Music is something that all enjoy in their course of the lives. People who know how to create music using instruments and other sources are known as the musicians. When the musicians put one or more words together in definite harmony then it is known to be music. There are various forms of music such as folk, rock, pop, classical, etc. Music is considered to be a universal language that means we don’t need to understand the words in a song to enjoy the music. Music has power to make one free from stress, unite the people, be in peace and many more. It also has power to cure diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. It helps in improving concentration which can be of great help to the students. It has no boundaries, can flow freely beyond the barriers of language, religion, country etc. Music adds joy and essence to the life.

Music has ability to convey different kinds of emotions that people hold. It is a form of art and worship given by God to be connected with the soul.